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Best Reconstructive Urologist in Delhi-NCR

Reconstructive urologist can help patients with conditions such as urethral injury, strictures, scar tissue, birth defects, cancer, neurological disorders in the urinary tract organs, and pelvic floor prolapse.

This is a real life situation of a boy who met with an accident and suffered immensely due to urethral injury and other complications. He was successfully treated by best reconstructive urologist in Delhi.

Now a days RTA i.e., Road Traffic Accidents are so common due to heavy traffic and young generation ride their two wheelers with no care.

Head injuries and Urethral injuries are a common result of the same. Same case happened with Aman (name changed) a 26 year old lad who met with an accident a year ago in which his urethra got injured.

He visited a General Physician in his hometown where a dye study X-Ray Retrograde Urethrogram (RGU) + Micturating Cystourethrogram (MCU) were done to see the level of injury. He was diagnosed with urethral injury.

He was not able to urinate due to Urethral injury. A tube (Catheter) was placed in his urinary bladder so that he could urinate. He stayed on this tube for a year or can be said he suffered for a year.

During this time, Aman started avoiding social gatherings. He could not do any work. He became socially aloof. He was not able to lead a normal life as with time he went into state of depression. Also he was troubled with Erectile Dysfunction.

His situation became a serious matter of concern for his parents as he was the only child to them. They had given up all the hopes to see their son leading a normal social and sexual life. With every passing day his condition was getting worse.

They started exploring for the best Reconstructive Urologist in Delhi-NCR and then came to know about Dr. Gautam Banga at SCI International hospital, Delhi. The patient was evaluated thoroughly; his psychological as well as physical assessment was done.

Dr. Gautam Banga who heads the Urology department at SCI hospital counselled him for surgical options he required. Dr. Gautam is an experienced and skilled Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeon who has performed over 1000 Urethral surgeries successfully PAN India.

He is among the very few Urologists in India who are exclusively devoted to surgery of urethra and external genitalia and is regarded as best reconstructive urologist in Delhi/NCR.

The treatment of a urethral injury is very technically challenged. The injury can be successfully repaired with surgery in most cases . A procedure named Urethroplasty was advised for urinary passage. Aman’s parents showed trust on Dr.Gautam and agreed for Urethroplasty.

It was done successfully. The patient was now able to pee normally; he was not dependent on the catheter anymore. He started living his routine life.

His parents decided for his marriage but his erectile dysfunction still persisted. They consulted Dr. Gautam for the same. Dr. Gautam advised the patient to wait for another 8 months as in some cases, post Urethroplasty erectile dysfunction gets corrected after a period on its own.

As advised after 8 months the patient was revaluated. The sexual concern was still there, it was not subsided yet. He was getting problem in erection. It was a major concern for them as his age was getting advanced and still he was not ready for the marriage physically as well as psychologically. The erectile dysfunction was hampering his psychological health as well.

Erectile dysfunction is something men do not talk about. They find it embarrassing talking about their erectile dysfunction. It is a taboo for indian males. The reason being they passed one more year with the problem.

After a year they realized they should consult some specialist for this dysfunction. They wandered at several clinics which claim to be specialized in Genito-Urinary problems but did not get any satisfactory results.

At few clinics they were advised to visit some Reconstructive urologist then they explored for the best Reconstructive urologist in Delhi. They checked profiles of a few and found Dr.Gautam Banga suitable for their son’s case as he only did Urethroplasty a year ago and he was doing good post Urethroplasty except the sexual concern.

With their trust on Dr. Gautam they revisited him at SCI International Hospital, Delhi. Dr. Gautam specializes in complex reconstructive procedures for Stricture Urethra, penile deformities, Hypospadias and male erectile (prosthetic) surgery.

His expertise includes:

  • Urethral reconstruction
  • Penile surgery
  • Cosmetic urological Procedures
  • Penile Augmentation Surgeries (Phalloplasty)
  • Male Erectile and sexual problems

 Dr. Gautam suggested them to go for penile prosthesis as his condition was not responding to oral Medications, Vacuum pump therapy ,Penile Injections, Intraurethral suppositories etc.

Penile prosthesis-semi rigid/inflatable penile implant (imported): A penile prosthesis may offer a permanent and satisfying option for men who are not satisfied with the results they are getting from other treatment options.

There are two types of penile implants: semi-rigid and inflatable. The choice was theirs. They opted for semi-rigid one. They showed confidence in Dr.Gautam as one of the best Reconstructive Urologists who could help their son to regain his feel of being a man.

With the help of penile implant he could enjoy his normal sexual life for atleast next 10 years.

They agreed for the same.

So it was the D-day on .08.2016 when that patient was admitted at SCI Hospital. His Pre anaesthetic check-up was done by our team of Anaesthetists and was labelled as fit for the surgery.

Now the next step was to take him on the OT table. His surgery was initiated under general anaesthesia. The surgery lasted for 4 hours. He remained hospitalized for next 3 days till Dr. Gautam found his condition stable.

The patient was recommended to come for the follow up after a week. He was evaluated and dressing etc. was done with care. All the precautions were explained to him. He was advised strictly to abstain from sexual activities for next 2 months. He followed the instructions given by Dr. Gautam sincerely.

Aman is doing great now. He has joined a job in his home town. He has started engaging himself in social gatherings. He is not a socially aloof fellow anymore. He is filled with a new enthusiasm. He stays happy with his family also planning to get married soon. We wish him a happy and healthy married life.

As said in a proverb, “patience pays” Aman’s patience paid too. But we suggest not to delay such problems and also suggest not to suffer needlessly when there is a fix for it.

If you know anyone who needs a Reconstructive Urologist, you may easily refer Dr. Gautam Banga who has an unmatched experience over the years.

Gautam Banga

Dr. Gautam Banga

MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Urology)
Urologist, Andrologist and Genito -Urinary Reconstructive Surgeon,  Fellowship in Reconstructive Urology, Belgrade (Serbia)

He specializes in complex reconstructive procedures for :


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