Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi Affordable

Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi

What is Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi?

The urethra is a tubular structure through which the urine flows out of our body. For men, the sperm flows out from the same tube as well. Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi as clear by the name is the surgery performed on the urethra.

Why is Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi needed?

Urethroplasty Surgery is performed on the urethra. This is done to repair any injury on the walls of the urethra. The surgery involves reconstruction of the urethra to ensure it functions properly. The defect can be caused can be due to a number of reasons.

  1. Trauma- Urethral trauma may be caused due to rupture of the urethra which causes injury. It may be the result of some psychiatric ailment or insertion of certain objects during sexual activities.
  2. Induced injury- This is technically called iatrogenic injury. This is the result of the side-effects of certain medications or steroids.
  3. Infections- Certain activities or conditions might cause infections. One of the main reasons could be not maintaining proper hygiene. Insertion of certain objects during sexual activities is another reason.

The above conditions might lead to a defect in the urethral tract which causes hindrance in the functioning of the urethra. This leads to a condition called urethral stricture which results in narrowing the urethral tract. This results in causing restrictions to the flow of urine from the bladder which then needs to be fixed through the Urethroplasty Surgery.

Recommending Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi

The doctors won’t directly recommend undergoing surgery. The process of Urethral Dilation is carried out first. If it does not help, only in that case the next step of surgery is taken. The dilation process incurs increasing the diameter of the urethra by stretching it. This is done to improve the flow of urine out of the body which was hindered due to the urethral stricture. Obviously, this does not help in all cases. This works for people with the meagre impact of the defect in the urethra.

When urethral dilation does not work, it is only then that the next step is of Urethroplasty Surgery is recommended by the doctors. Urethroplasty Surgery, as mentioned earlier, is a surgery which is used to reconstruct the urethra so that it is able to function properly.

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The procedure of Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi

After the failure of urethral dilation, two surgeries can be performed by the surgeon. Depending upon the type of stricture, either urethrotomy or Urethroplasty Surgery is performed. Apart from urethral dilation, urethral amyloidosis also causes difficulties in urination. This is a very rare symptom caused due to the hype of an abnormal protein in the body. The protein is amyloid. This protein can have impacts on different organs of the body. If impacts the urethra, it causes an obstruction in urination. This is cured by medications in initial stages but, Urethroplasty Surgery is to be performed if the condition is worse or the medications do not help.

In urethrotomy, the surgeon makes a slit to wooden the passage and inserts a catheter which diverts the flow of urine. After this process, one might experience uneasiness or pain for up to two weeks after the process. This is why you are prescribed certain medications after the surgery.

Unlike urethrotomy, Urethroplasty Surgery does not widen the urethral tract. Instead, the surgery is performed to reconstruct the urethra.

As the process involves reconstruction, the surgeon removes the narrowed part of the urethra which causes hindrance. He then joins two healthy pieces to form a new tract. In the case of the stricture being too long, it is not possible to recreate the urethral tract by joining the two healthy pieces from the site. The surgeon hence removes tissues from other parts of the body and uses them to recreate the actual and normal size of the urethra. The site from when the tissues are removed is known as the donor site. The completion of the process allows the flow of urine without any hindrance. The patient needs to stay under observation in the hospital overnight. The surgery is a two-step process.

The surgery is often performed when urethral dilation fails or the stricture in the tract is too large for the dilation to work.

Urethral stricture can emerge again after some time of the surgery. However, the success rate of the surgery is as high as 80-90%. This means, after the surgery, 80-90% of the patients got permanent relief from the stricture and never experienced any complications again.

Pros of undergoing Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi

  1. High success rates- The surgery is performed to provide relief to patients with sophisticated urethral stricture which could not be cured with prior medications. It gives great confidence to the patients that 80-90% of the cases are completely cured after the surgery.
  2. The unobstructed flow of urine- The narrowing of the urethral tract causes an obstruction in the flow of urine. Urethroplasty Surgery involves the reconstruction of the tract. Ensuring the proper diameter and size to ensure the unobstructed flow of urine.
  3. Speedy recovery- The entire surgery takes about 3 to 4 hours to be successfully executed. After the surgery, the patient is kept under observation overnight. The patient is able to completely recover within a week or two. When he has to take care of certain things like not carrying weight etc.

urethroplasty surgery delhiCons of undergoing Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi

  1. Nominal risks- The surgery undoubtedly has high success rates but, 10% of the total cases face complications. The urethral stricture sometimes prevails again after the surgery. This however happens very rarely.
  2. Scar on the donor site- At times, it is not possible to reconstruct the actual size of urethra after removing the stricture. This forces the surgeon to remove tissues from other body parts. For instance, cheek tissue etc. This activity of removing graft from donor site, leaves a scar on the donor site at times. Although the scar might not always stay or might be taken from the part which is not generally visible.
  3. Adverse impacts- The surgery sometimes causes swelling to the scrotum. It also sometimes leads to infection and bleeding causing utmost discomfort. Sometimes, the urine flow Des not improve even after the surgery. In rare cases, erectile dysfunction also prevails.

However, the risks prevail in as low as 10% cases only.

When it comes to undergoing surgery even a minor one, one always wants to opt for the best surgeon with a considerate experience. At the same time, one wants the charges for the same to be affordable. At times, it becomes challenging to find the best surgeon especially when it comes to the surgery of a sensitive region.

Best Urethroplasty Surgeon in India

Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi is a major surgery. The urethra is a sensitive organ of the human body which is subject to performing some major functions of the body. Hence, when undergoing through this surgery, both the patient and the surgeon need to be really careful. The patient should choose the best Urethroplasty Surgery surgeon and the surgeon then should responsibly carry out the surgery with the utmost care.

Urethroplasty Surgery Delhi involves the reconstruction of the urethra in the human body. The surgery being a major one is subject to several risks. Evidently, the success rates of Urethroplasty Surgery are as high as 80-90%. This proves that patients rightly opt for their surgeons who in turn efficiently carry out the surgery. Taking risk is not at all wise. The surgery is also subject to certain complications that might occur post-surgery. The best surgeon is always able to minimize those complications for his patients.

Dr Gautam Banga is one of the most efficient doctors and surgeons.  Most reliable surgeons with a considerable experience of over thirteen years.  An extremely dedicated man who has treated patients ranging from the age group of 22 to 77.  This is a field of rare expertise. As the surgery is subject to various risks, it should hence be performed by a trustworthy individual.

Dr Gautam Banga is undoubtedly the one. He is efficient to provide his patients with the best recommendations per and post surgery. The fee he charges is also affordable.

He is certainly the best choice for the patients suffering from urethral stricture and planning to undergo Urethroplasty Surgery surgery.

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