Best Male Infertility Specialist Delhi NCR

Today, I will discuss the best male infertility specialists Delhi NCR.  My name is MUKESH and I am from Delhi. For the longest time, I suffered from the vicious condition of male infertility. My dream of becoming a father kept floating away from me as my every attempt to conceive met with failure. I had lost almost all hopes till I met Dr. Gautam Banga at UPS  Best Male Infertility Specialist Delhi NCR. This one meeting changed my life. Today, I am a proud father of a daughter. I want to tell you my story of struggling with male infertility and how Urethra and Penile Surgery Clinic helped me overcome it.

best male infertility specialists Delhi NCR

Beginnings of my Infertility

It all started when me and my wife decided to finally have a child. I was 34 years old at the time and had been married for 5 years – it seemed like the right time to expand our family. We had imagined that it would be really easy; we had been told by many friends how they became pregnant on their first or second attempts. However, it was only 2 months later that we first realized that our efforts were not working. We dismissed it as a trivial issue, though we now started timing our attempts and began reading blogs to know the best ways. Yet, it took another 4 months to realize that there might be something wrong. My wife decided to get herself tested to know what was the problem. Her results came a week later and declared that everything was normal with her. It was then that I knew I was the problem and I started searching for Best Male Infertility Specialist Delhi NCR.

best male infertility specialists Delhi NCR

The symptoms of Male Infertility

I never gave much thought to my sexual functions before we decided to conceive a child. But as months of failed attempts met me, I was forced to pay focus on my body. I realized that my erections lasted much shorter than what was considered normal for my age. On further inspection, I realized that my testicles felt swollen and had slight pain.

On reading more about the topic, I was also shocked to know that my frequent respiratory infections, which I always dismissed as a trivial seasonal issue, might also be a symptom of some sexual problem. Something that I still didn’t realize, but my wife informed me, was that I looked much thinner than a few years ago. Upon trying out my old t-shirts, I realized that I indeed had lost some muscles over the years, despite maintaining the same kind of daily physical activity.

How Male Infertility Impacts Life

When it first dawned on me that I might be the reason we couldn’t become parents, I was shattered. I really wanted to become a father, but now my condition stopped it. We continued attempting to conceive, hoping that some miracle might finally welcome us. But as months passed, my optimism turned into frustration. I felt inadequate, less than I ever did in my life. Even during our attempts to conceive, I started behaving like a man who was playing a gamble he knew he would lose. My masculinity felt shrunk, broken, diminished.

However, the impact was not just for me – it affected my marriage too. My wife tried to be as caring and patient she could be, never even hinting at any blame towards my side. Yet, my frustrations and disinterest during intercourse tested her patience too. I started noticing the smallest signs of disappointment in her mannerisms. I felt guilty and angry at the same time. We started quarrelling often on trivial things. It felt like a poison was slowly choking my married life.

But the poison didn’t stop just at my home – it impacted my social life too. I became reclusive and avoided being with friends and colleagues. The blow on my masculinity damaged by confidence too and my performance at office suffered. I became irritable at my friends and colleagues alike. Each day began with dullness and ended with bitterness. Those few months of my life were the darkest I ever lived. It was the time to search the best male infertility specialist Delhi NCR.

Finding Courage to visit best male infertility specialist Delhi NCR  at (Urethra and Penile Surgery)

Despite everything I faced due to my condition, I refused to visit a doctor for a long time. Somehow, I linked it with my masculinity. So far, nobody except my wife knew of my condition. I was afraid that if people knew I was visiting an andrologist, my inadequacy would become common knowledge and I would become a laughing stock. Even more than the humiliation, I was afraid of any pity people might show me if they knew of my condition. I was also very reluctant to talk about my condition, which was so personal, to a complete stranger.

Finally, after a year since we began our attempts to conceive, my wife gave me an ultimatum: either I visit a urologist or she would start rethinking about our marriage. She said that she loved me, but the bitterness of my condition was impacting our marriage, and she believed that only visiting a urologist could solve it. I realized she was right. This is how I started looking for the best male infertility specialist Delhi NCR and booked an appointment at UPS. I went to the clinic 2 days later, dejected and exhausted, not knowing that it was the visit that would change my life.

The miracle I witnessed at the best male infertility specialist Delhi NCR

When I first visited Dr. Gautam Banga, I explained everything about my problem. He listened patiently as my poured my heart out and asked me to get few tests done. The results confirmed my suspicion: I was having very low sperm motility. The doctor explained that it was largely due to my low testosterone level and a previous habit of smoking. Even as my heart sank at knowing the results, Dr. Banga gave me hope and explained how I can still become a father.

He suggested IntraUterine Insemination (IUI) as a treatment. My wife was given medicine that would increase the number of eggs she would produce. At the time of ovulation, my extracted sperm were injected directly into her uterus. The process was as simple as that. We waited for 3 weeks, holding our breaths and praying to God. Then, it finally happened: my wife informed me that she was pregnant!

Few words of gratitude for the best male infertility specialist Delhi NCR

Ten months after I first met Dr. Banga, I was holding my own daughter in my hands. It was the most precious feeling I ever felt in my life. It was like finally living the dream I had long forsaken. When all my hopes were shattered, Dr. Banga entered like a ray of hope in my life. If today I am able to have the joy of being a father, it is entirely due to him. I cannot thank Dr. Banga and UPS enough for whatever they have done for me.

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Dr. Gautam Banga

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Urologist, Andrologist and Genito -Urinary Reconstructive Surgeon
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Hypospadias is a condition where a boy has an abnormal urinary opening that means his urinary opening is not located where it should be located. It may be present close to the usual opening or in the middle of the penile shaft.

“Hypospadias is a birth defect in boys, which is self -diagnosed means parents can find out whether their son has this disease or not by observing his urinary stream.” This is because, every boy with Hypospadias show the following evident signs:

  1. Spraying of urine, urinary stream is not straight unlike normal boy’s stream.
  2. A small bend or curve in penis.
  3. Foreskin may be sagging.

“The  Best Failed Hypospadias Treatment Centre Delhi”

Failed Hypospadias Treatment Centre Delhi

The ideal treatment for all cases of Hypospadias is a surgical intervention.

Surgery is safe and well tolerated by patient of any age. Explaining in simple words, in Hypospadias surgery, the surgeon closes abnormal urinary opening and reconstruct a new urine passage giving the penis a normal cosmetic appearance and functionality.

Surgery can be performed by an Andrologist surgeon but it is wise to choose the doctor for your son who has been performing such cases regularly and possess the expertise in this particular specialty.

This is because typically a case of Hypospadias is managed in stages, and number of stages depend upon severity of the case. A case with abnormal opening can be managed in a single stage while a case with abnormal opening and other conditions like bend in penis can be managed in two stages.

Generally, what happens, parents approach experienced surgeons in their locality but they ignore the fact whether the surgeon has core expertise in Hypospadias repair or not. As a result, parents realize after a few months or a few years that a case which could had been managed in one single stage, requires another now due to the failure of first surgery.


Failed Hypospadias Treatment Centre Delhi, it means the previous surgery has caused one or more of the following complications:

  • The skin graft used in the repair of Urethra (urine pipe) does not stay, it breaks down opening the surgical site.
  • In some cases, a hole is formed in penis which is termed as “Fistula”, as a result of which, patient experiences urine leakage from that hole too along with the new urinary opening, however Fistula is a usual complication in most of the surgeries of Hypospadias.
  • Mild curvature or bend in penis
  • A significant bend in penis, termed as Chordee
  • A disfigured penis
  • Cosmetically unappealing genitalia
  • “Stricture urethra”- narrowing of urethral tube (urine pipe) leading to thin urinary stream
  • Buried or shortened penis
  • Disfigured glans
  • Hairy skin on penis
  • Abnormal scrotum or swelling in testicles



We see a lot of children and adolescents (and even young adults) coming to us with various issues (as mentioned above) related to Hypospadias surgeries done earlier during their childhood.

Such patients have both functional and cosmetic concerns. This failure tends to cause a negative impact in life of most patients, especially psychologically.

Many young children are afraid to share restrooms and locker rooms as they do not want their peers to know about their disfigured genitalia(penis). They consider themselves different from other boys as they find it difficult to pee straight as other normal boys do. As a result, they lose their confidence every passing day.

With advancement of years, many of them reach the stage of their life when they want to get involved sexually but due to unpleasant appearance of their penis, they feel apprehensive and afraid to be embarrassed. They are not sure whether they will be able to do a satisfactory sexual activity. This lead to depression and social aversion.

In some patients, stricture urethra or hairy urethra leads to recurrent urinary tract infections and loss of school days or work.


“Centre of Urethra and Penile surgery, Delhi (UPS)” is the ray of hope for such patients as we assure to provide them the good results regaining their confidence and leading their life in a positive way.


  1. The prime most factor in the success of Hypospadias repair is the operating surgeon and we proudly state that we are associated with “Dr.Gautam Banga”, who has helped approximately 1200 patients to get their normal urethra keeping their sexual life intact.
  2. We are backed up by a team of MBBS Doctors and Nurses who are formally trained in Urology, available round the clock for post-surgery observation.
  3. We are equipped with Modular Operation Theatre and latest sanitation facilities that helps to avoid any Hospital Acquired Infection.
  4. We ensure the confidentiality of our all patients.
  5. We encourage all patients for a regular follow up in order to achieve good results with minimal complications.
  6. We have a prompt and qualified non-clinical team to assist the patients throughout their journey of treatment.


Dr.Gautam Banga belongs to the cadre of Urologists who have gained reputation in the field of Reconstructive Urology among fellow Urologists .His clinical excellence and empathy towards his patients have attracted many patients from all over India and from more than 35 countries(till date).

  • He has an impeccable success rate in primary as well as failed cases of Hypospadias and Stricture Urethra.
  • Treated Men with Erectile Dysfunction of all age groups ranging from 22 to 77 years old successfully.
  • Helped Azoospermic Males in having their own biological child with the help of Micro TESE.

Dr. Gautam Banga  EXPERIENCE :

In his 15+ years of experience as a dedicated Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Urologist and Andrologist, Dr.Gautam Banga has performed more than 10000 urology procedures focusing on reconstructing the Urethra and Penile deformities.

Dr. Gautam Banga  EXPERTISE:

  • Hypospadias repair in kids and adults
  • Penile Implant placement and Revision
  • Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty
  • Male infertility / Azoospermia
  • Penile curvature correction
  • Penile augmentation surgery / Phalloplasty
  • Testicular pain management



  • He is an international faculty in Andrology & Reconstructive Urology invited frequently by several countries in their national conferences including Tunisia, Iraq, Germany, Kurdistan, Tajikistan, Kazhakastan.
  • He has conducted workshops and instructional courses in various countries.
  • The fellow Urologists in many parts of India and in many places across the globe approach him for surgical camps.


Many parents whose son has been diagnosed with hypospadias think that there is no need of surgery as their son is doing fine. He might not need the surgery but definitely he needs a thorough examination by an expert. Parents are advised to consult the expert as soon as they get to know about the ailment to avoid serious complications in future.

Best Failed Hypospadias Treatment Centre Delhi | The Centre For Urethra and Penile Surgery

Dr. Gautam Banga

MBBS,MS,M.Ch (Urology)
Urologist, Andrologist and Genito -Urinary Reconstructive Surgeon
Contact no. : +91-9999062316 | 011-41041131
Website :