Buried Penis Treatment Centre Delhi

Buried Penis Treatment Centre Delhi

Buried Penis: What, Why, and How to Treat It?

Buried Penis Treatment Centre Delhi. The buried penis is a medical condition that refers to a webbed, hidden, trapped, and concealed penis. A buried penis can further lead to difficulty in urinating and often leads to sexual dysfunction, resulting in low self-esteem in men. In a country like India where people are afraid to openly discuss their sexual problems, it is difficult to spread the word about this curable condition. Therefore, we have come up with this blog to help you understand what a buried penis is, what causes it and how you can treat it. So, let’s dig further at Buried Penis Treatment Centre Delhi

What is a Buried penis?

The buried penis as the term explains is the medical condition in which the penis is either partially or fully buried under the skin of the scrotum and abdomen. In other words, the condition occurs when the fat from the abdomen, thigh, and scrotum buries the penis, making it look less visible, despite it not being the usual size. Actually, it is the shaft and glans that are not visible.

Although a buried penis is usually present at birth, it can occur at any age including adulthood as well. Those who consult with a doctor get this condition treated early as it is different than Micropenis. With the change in time and diet, this condition is becoming more and more common among morbidly obese men, affecting both physical and mental health at once.

Buried Penis Treatment Centre Delhi

Relationship between erectile dysfunction and buried penis

Men who are suffering from the buried penis often suffer from erectile dysfunction that further contributes to painful intercourse, depression, low confidence, urinary issues along with skin infection, and breakdown, get this treated at Buried Penis Treatment Centre Delhi

What causes Micropenis Buried penis?

If we dig down to the root cause of the buried penis, the condition can be caused by both congenital and acquired factors. In order to treat the buried penis, it is crucial to comprehend the key causes behind the problem.

  • Congenital Factors: The congenital factors include the abnormal development of the penis shaft and the further layers of the fat pad, surrounded by rigid tissue can trap the penis back in a hidden position.    
  • Acquired Factors:  When it comes to acquired factors, the most common one is obesity. When layers of fat start building up in the abdominal area, it creates a moist area that is hard to clean and makes a perfect environment for fungal growth, infection, and skin breakdown.

Other Acquired causes that contribute to buried penis and its cure at Buried Penis Treatment Centre Delhi

  • Circumcision: If during the Circumcision, too much foreskin is removed from the penis area then, it increases the risk of a buried penis.    
  • Infection: Ongoing infection in the scrotal area can cause scarring that can contract the penis shaft to a buried penis.    

What are the available treatments at Buried Penis Treatment Centre Delhi

Just like other sexual conditions, a buried penis can also be cured with different treatment options. The first step of the treatment is to identify the cause of the buried penis whether it is caused by congenital and acquired factors, the overall condition of abdominal skin, scrotum, and penis. Non-invasive techniques such as losing excess weight will not always treat the issue, hence, additional surgery is required. It is suggested to get the surgery done at a young age to avoid the complications that increase with the age.

Most treatments focus upon penile reconstruction and fat removal; Hence, the majority of the process involves:

In addition to the above surgeries, the patient may also require the other treatments associated with the health condition. This can include antibiotic courses to remove any infection, sexual dysfunction, and mental health issues.

  • Exposing the buried penis
  • Skin repairing that involves degloving and removing diseased skin
  • Performing skin grafting on the penis shaft
  • Performing the panniculectomy to remove the pannus
  • Conducting escutheonectomy to remove the fat pads above the pubic area
  • Suprapubic lipectomy that removes the skin around the penis

In the end, the buried penis is a condition in which a penis of average size gets buried because of excess skin around the pubic area. While in some this condition is present at birth but in others, it could be a result of inflammation, obesity, surgery, and trauma. As a buried penis can affect your sexual performance creating a self-esteem gap in your life it is suggested to reliable doctors like Mr. Gautam Banga– a known Urology & Andrology Surgeon at UPS clinic. Feel free to reach out to him to learn more about your condition.

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