Best Andrologist to cure Erectile Dysfunction

Why go the rest of your life without being able to have physical intimacy with your partner when there is a fix for it?

Have you consulted your Andrologist.

Andrologist is the one who deals with the reproductive health of males and urological problems that are unique to men.

Today, our society places emphasis on being young. The marketplace is constantly promoting anti-ageing products, plastic surgery and the hard sell to stay young. It is not surprising that many women and increasing number of men over 50 feel the pressure to beat the ageing process. But people feel reluctance in talking about sex once reach their 50s.

There is little or no recognition of sexual relationships in older adults and some people struggle to acknowledge that older people are sexual beings with the same desires and rights as the rest of the population. But they fear to consult a andrologist.

People over 50 are a growing population whose health needs are often ignored because of the myth that people over 50 no longer have sex. Many people over 50 are still sexually active. Sexuality does not stop with the age.

People don’t lose their passion for life just because they are older. Sex is potentially one of the most pleasurable experiences anyone can have and that does not have to stop as people age, though it might change. One in every ten men has erectile problems, also known as impotence and as men get older problem becomes much more common.

Best thing is to consult a andrologist for this. It often takes older men longer to get an erection, maintain erection or be as firm as they used be while young. This is the cause of much embarrassment for men. These problems can have a profound effect on a man’s self-esteem, his desire to initiate sex and his ability to have sex. Relationships can also be affected. Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be an indicator that something else is wrong. See your Andrologist.

There are varieties of treatment alternatives, ranging from medications to surgical interventions. Your Andrologist will discuss options that may be appropriate for you, along with the risks and benefits.

  1. Evaluation & Psychotherapy
  2. Medical management:Oral Medications, Vacuum pump therapy (imported, Penile Injections, Intraurethral suppositories
  3. Latest advancements in treatment of Erectyle Dysfunction
    • Stem cell therapy
    • Low dose shock wave therapy for mild to moderate Erectyle Dysfunction
  1. Penile prosthesis-semi rigid/inflatable penile implant (imported): A penile prosthesis may offer a permanent and satisfying option for men who are not satisfied with the results they are getting from other treatment options.

 Benefits of Penile Prosthesis:

Penile prosthesis is a boon for Patients who do not respond to conservative treatments.  A penile prosthesis does not change sensation on the skin of the penis or a man’s ability to reach orgasm.

  • Eliminates the need for costly pills or shots
  • Offers a long-term solution to erectile dysfunction
  • Feels natural during intercourse
  • Provides the ability to have an erection anytime you choose
  • Enables you to maintain an erection as long as you desire
  • Does not interfere with ejaculation or orgasm
  • Allows for greater spontaneity-have sex when the mood strikes


Dr. Gautam Banga

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