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Penile Augmentation Surgery: How to Prepare Yourself in Advance?

Everyone wants to enjoy a healthy sex life that filled with nothing but utmost pleasure. However, only a few of them can achieve it. Most of the men are concerned about their average penile size thinking it can affect their sexual relationship and their performance in bed. In order to overcome their fear and anxiety that comes with the size they often go for solutions like penile augmentation or enlargement surgery to increase their length and girth without realizing the cost, procedure, and possible complications.

Therefore, I have decided to come up with this blog to educate readers on how to prepare themselves for the life-changing penile enlargement surgery at Dr. Gautam Banga’s clinic. I don’t want them to repeat some of the most common mistakes before and after the surgery. Through this blog post, I will also discuss factors such as average penis size, enlargement methods, success rate, side effects and when should a person see a doctor regarding their penile size

What is the average penis size?

Right before you learn more about the penile enlargement surgery, you need to comprehend that your average penile size doesn’t determine your sexual performance. There are many couples who give more preference to intimacy, personal bond, and romance than penile size and lead a pleasurable sexual life. In fact, according to the 2014 study where more than 15521 men participated from across the globe highlighted that:

  • Average flaccid penis size was 9.16 cm which is around 3.61 inches
  • Average erect penis size was 13.12 cm long and 4.59 in girth

The author of the study also highlighted that 5% of the men have longer penis than others when fully erect while the other 5% of men have shorter penis than others.

What do you need for penile enlargement surgery?

One of the most common questions people ask when talking about penile enlargement surgery is when do I require penile enlargement? Well, the surgery is required in a condition where the erect penis size is less than 3 inches (7.5cm). This condition in men is called “micropenis” and unfortunately, I was suffering from it. Unlike others my penis size was 7cm when stretched, so it was kind of embarrassing for approaching women as I feared they would not be satisfied with my performance in bed.

 Penile Enlargement surgery: what you need to know?

Right before I met doctor Banga for my penile surgery I decided to use the penile enlargement remedies including oils, pills, creams and even stretching devices to increase my penis size. To my disappointment, nearby none of these enlargement methods worked out for me. Finally, after searching the internet for the week I came up with the ‘Dermal graft’ and ‘concentrated fat cell grafting’ which are the aspects of the penile augmentation surgery that is permitted for commercial use under the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulation. The devices for the surgery are approved by the FDA for cosmetic enhancement.

One of the most common mistakes people with “micropenis” do is jump at the first urologist they find online which can often land them in the bigger problems. For Penile augmentation surgery to be successful it has to be performed by one of the most experienced urologists and after weeks of research and review readings, I found the right person- Dr. Gautam Banga at the Urethra and Penile Surgery Clinic. With the certification in Urology and a total of 13 years of experience, Dr. Gautam Banga is the expert you can bet your life upon.

How does the augmentation process work?

When I asked about the penis augmentation process Dr. Banga patiently explained that it can either be done through Dermal Graft or Concentrated fat cell grafting with or without stem cells. As a curios patient I wanted to learn about these processes in detail so he patiently explained:

Dermal grafting

Dermal Graft for penile enlargement is performed by deriving and using the skin and fat tissues of patient. The surgeon would usually harvest the tissues from the from the crease of the buttocks, right from the place where the upper thigh meets the gluteal region. Although it may sound scary, it is painless and, in most cases, the process doesn’t leave any visible scars on the body.

Many surgeons usually take the two strips for the augmentation process; one from the left crease and one from the right with the dimension of 5cmX12cm and the underlying fat tissues. Once retrieved the superficial layer is then separated from the remaining skin that is known dermis to be placed inside the penis along with underlying tissue.   

Dr. Banga then explained that the dermal fat grafting can either be performed in a longitudinal or circular way depending on both proficiency of the surgeon and the need of the patient. The dermal graft then placed around the penile erectile bodies giving some extra inches to girth.

Concentrated fat cell grafting  

Apart from dermal grafting, concentrated fat cell grafting is another way to add a few inches on your penis. Similar to the dermal grafting the concentrated fat cell grafting with or without stem cells involves two different surgical procedures that can be completed within the single visit.

In the first process the fat is liposuctioned from the thigh or abdomen area of the body. Once collected the fat is filtered to isolate the fat cells and rest of material is discarded. The next step includes injecting the fat into the penile shaft by using the bespoke injection techniques that ensure the survival of the fat. As the cells are collected from the patient’s body the risk of allergy reaction is equal to none.

The success rate of fat cell grafting is higher than other procedures of penile enlargement and the best part is this system also reduces the risks of inflammatory reaction that often leads to pain, and swelling.

In the end the penile augmentation procedure totally depends upon the preference of the patient. As an experienced surgeon Dr. Banga explained that with the leading technologies like fat harvesting, grafting and reinjection, they are able to achieve the higher success rate with the penile augmentation.

When discussing post-experience, Dr. Banga explained previous patients who have gone through the penile enlargement surgery have experienced the new sense of well-being and masculinity as they can approach a woman without getting worried about their penile size. This can also boost self-confidence, self-assurance and inner strength to lead a healthy and stress- free life.

What to consider?

Dr. Gautam Banga also informed me that if I am considering the concentrated fat cell grafting then, understanding some basic things about surgeries can help me to lead a successful surgery without any unnecessary stress. Some of the common facts he told me about penile enlargement surgery are:

  • The surgery takes less than 2 hours
  • Most of the patients can go home very next day after surgery
  • It is common to experience some pain, swelling, and redness for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery
  • Sexual activities are not recommended for 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery
  • Medications will be prescribed before or after the surgery to reduce inflammation and pain
  • You are expected to return to the clinic for follow-ups and check-ups

Moreover, he also explained that recovery after the surgery varies from one patient to another. During the recovery period, heavy lifting is prohibited and non-strenuous work is recommended for 3 to 4 weeks before the doctor gives you the green signal.

After further consultation with Dr. Banga and the team, I learned that the success rate of penile augmentation is quite high, so I decided to go with the surgery at the Urethra and Penile Surgery clinic to lead a healthy sexual life. To my relief, it went well and I went back leading a healthy life without any sexual complication. The reason I decided to come up with this blog post is to make people understand that penile enlargement surgery is not as scary as some people pretend it to be.

Moreover, if you still have any confusion regarding the Penile enlargement then visit and consult with Dr. Gautam Banga.

Hypospadias Failure Treatment Delhi : Patient Review Delhi

Hypospadias Failure Treatment Delhi – My name is Santosh Verma, I am a 28 years old single man suffering from the Penoscrotal hypospadias faliure that made my life challenging as I couldn’t reach a woman for marriage due to embarrassment and shame of the condition. However, my life changed when I met Dr. Gautam Banga through the recommendation of my closest friend. Today, I came here to share my story to inspire those who are living in the dark due to a treatable condition like hypospadias.


It all started with my birth in the local hospital of Banka, a district of Bihar. As the only son of the family, my mother was very happy with my birth. As I was born healthy, my mother and I got discharged, and went home after being in 24 hours of observation in the hospital. That time she didn’t detect anything suspicious.

However, after 2 days of the discharge from the hospital, she noticed something unusual while changing my nappy, something she overlooked earlier in the hospital. She realized that I was not urinating normally as my urinary opening is not placed at the tip of the penis but at the point where the penis and scrotum meet. She was shocked and worried at the same time and called my father to see if she is misunderstanding the condition. My father confirmed the same thing and immediately called the hospital I was born in.

The Journey of Discovery of Hypospadias & Hypospadias Failure & further Hypospadias Failure Treatment Delhi?

After the consultation over the phone call my family decided to take me to the hospital for the check-up. The paediatrician there told my family that I was suffering from the hypospadias- a rare condition that affects only 1 out of 2000 children. It is the birth defect in which the opening of the urethra is not located at the tip of the penis. He also informed my family that the type of the hypospadias depends upon the location of the opening and as in my case it was a joint point of penis and scrotum. Hence, I was suffering from Penoscrotal hypospadias.

Although he has knowledge about the hypospadias, he has no previous experience dealing with such cases. So, he referred my case to another doctor whom he thought can help us. The new local paediatrician asked my parents to wait for at least four years before performing the surgery. As back then, the internet was not the thing and my parents didn’t have any idea or sources to find more information about my condition so, they decided to go as per the instructions which were not correct as hypospadias could be treated soon after the birth. So, they waited until I turned four years old to get the surgery to treat the hypospadias. But that simple treatment turned out to be a nightmare for me and my family.

Surgery That Led to Hypospadias Failure & further Hypospadias Failure Treatment Delhi

My parents saved every penny for those four years to get my surgery done. Finally, the day came and I underwent the surgery as a child to repair the problem and it seemed to work well or that’s what my parents thought that time. Well, the operation worked. I had no issue for the next two years until the problem begin again so, I went through another surgery for the same that lasted until I turned 18. After the surgery, my father found a better job opportunity in Delhi, and with the hope of giving us a better life we shifted to Delhi.

The problem started when I reached the age of sexual maturity, and the growth of my penis caused my surgically repaired skin to tear down producing a hole near the scrotum. Although I had a real opening at the tip of the penis, the hole at the bottom caused me to leak. It was so embarrassing that I never told my parents about it until I turned 20.

Hypospadias Failure Affected Personal and Professional Life led to Hypospadias Failure Treatment Delhi

During the second year of my college I figured out some ways to avoid leaking urine in my clothes while hiding out my problem from everyone. In my whole college life, I avoided dating girls thinking they would consider me as a freak if they ever found out about my condition. Over time, this fear took a form of insecurity that affected my confidence and communication skills at work. Soon, I started to avoid everyone, my friends, family, or colleagues at the workplace. During that time, it felt like this condition was eating me from inside out and the inability to share it with anyone made it far worse than it already was. 

Finding Doctor Gautam Banga for Failed Hypospadias Treatment Delhi

At the age of 22, I decided that I had enough of this condition and no longer wish to carry the burden of embarrassment on my shoulders. I decided to find more about my condition like causes, diagnosis, and treatments of hypospadias failure. After hours of research on the internet I stumbled upon the website that was providing Treatment for the failed hypospadias. This caught my eye and I decided to learn more about the website and how they treat the condition of failed hypospadias. After reading all the posts and positive feedback on the page I decided to reach out to the Urologist Dr. Gautam Banga and shared my condition. He patiently listened to the story I had to convey and informed me that “Fistula” the hole at the joint of penis and scrotum is one of the complications of the hypospadias surgery and it is treatable with another operation.

For someone who had lost all the hopes of leading a healthy lifestyle the statement came out like a ray of sunshine after the storm. With the courage I received from the words of Dr. Banga I finally decided to confront my family about my condition, and to my relief they came out more supportive than I thought. I went for my consultation with my father where he asked a few questions about the surgery including risks, complication, and success rate. Dr. Banga calmly answered all the questions while assuring my father and me that the success rate of this type of surgery is quite higher than the other.

A Successful Surgery That Changed My Life

After the check-up, further consultation, and mutual agreement, we came up with the date of my surgery. The day came and to say I was not scared would be a lie but I was aware that I have put my trust in the right person.

The surgery has only treated my condition but also helped me to regain the confidence I had lost while struggling with my condition. I regularly meet Dr. Banga twice for the check-up to see if other complications are there. However, the surgery was successful and the problem was resolved.

Today, I feel like leading a completely different life than I used to do two years back. The urine leakage that used to cause me inconvenience before was completely gone. For this, I would like to whole-heartily thank Dr. Gautam Banga. Unlike other doctors, he walked another mile to cure my insecurities that took over my true personality. Dr. Gautam Banga is definitely one of the doctors who have the power to change lives.

For further information on Failed Hypospadias Treatment please consult at :-

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