Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

Ephispadias Treatment Centre Delhi, we discuss and understand what is epispadias? Epispadias is a rare birth defect that affects the opening of the urethra. While it occurs in different ways in males and females, it can cause severe complications to them while growing up. However, epispadias is easy to treat through surgical means. Read on to know more about epispadias and how it can be treated at Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

Epispadias in Boys

In males, the opening of the urethra, known as the urinary meatus, is located at the tip of the penis. However, in boys suffering from epispadias, it can be located anywhere on the top of the penis. The abnormal position causes urinary issues, as well as distort the appearance of the penis. Depending on the location of the opening, cases of epispadias can be divided into three categories:

Granular Epispadias: The urinary meatus is located at the head of the penis, but not at the tip. This is the mildest case of epispadias. Boys suffering from granular epispadias don’t face any significant imparity in their urinary functions.

Penile Epispadias: In this case, the urinary meatus can be located anywhere on the shaft of the penis. This excludes the head and the base of the penis. This is the most common type of epispadias in boys.

Penopubic Epispadias: Here, the urinary meatus is located at the base of the penis, near the pelvic bone. It is the most severe case of this condition.

Epispadias occurs in 1 out of 117,000 boys. This makes it a very rare condition. Generally, boys with epispadias have a good bladder neck and hence can be trained to hold urine normally. But, due to the large number of factors involved, treatment is also more difficult compared to girls. Treatment of the same is provided at Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi.

Epispadias in Girls

Cases of epispadias in girls are much rarer, with only 1 in 484,000 girls suffering from it. However, when it does happen, the bladder sphincter is almost always impacted. This makes it much harder for them to hold their urine, even without external stress. The condition widens the pelvic bones, though the separation can be of varying degrees depending on the severity of the condition. But it stops the clitoris from connecting to the center, and instead seemingly divides it into two halves. Treatment of the same is provided at Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi.

Symptoms Of Epispadias | Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi.

In boys suffering from epispadias, the following symptoms could be found:

A short and widened penis with an abnormal curvature (known as dorsal chordee). Even in mild cases, the penis would have to be surgically fixed to regain normal curvature.

In cases of penopubic epispadias, the bladder sphincter becomes shaped like a horseshoe (instead of a ring) and does not close properly. This makes the boys prone to leak urine under stress (like coughing, lifting weight, jumping hard, etc.).

The pelvic bones do not come together as they normally should because of a widened shape.

In penopubic epispadias, the urine can flow back into the kidneys (known as reflux nephropathy).

The area between the urinary meatus and the tip of the penis might look like a gutter.

In girls suffering from epispadias, you could find the following symptoms:

Widened pelvic bones and reflux nephropathy.

The clitoris and labia appear abnormal.

More vulnerability towards urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections.

Causes Of Epispadias| Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

Epispadias is a birth defect, which means that it occurs at birth (or more specifically, during the gestation period). Unfortunately, researchers are still unable to identify what exactly causes epispadias. However, certain risk factors increase the chances of getting epispadias.

Medically, the following risk factors are identified:

Males are more prone to be affected than females.

Data suggests that Caucasians are more vulnerable to the condition than other races, though the causes are not confirmed.

If one of the parents suffered from epispadias, the chances of the child getting it also increases.

Diagnosis at Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

Most cases of epispadias are identified immediately after birth when the doctor examines the newborn. However, in some mild cases of epispadias, this might be overlooked. In such cases, the problem becomes apparent to the parents when the child is few years old. A doctor will be able to identify it after a physical examination and proceed with the treatment.

Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

In boys, the surgical treatment of epispadias can be fairly complex and depend on several factors like:

Fixing the curvature of the penis

Fixing the size and appearance of the penis

Urinary incontinence in case of the affected bladder neck

Type of epispadias

The most common types of surgeries for epispadias are Mitchell Technique and the modified Cantwell Technique. Both involve disassembling and rebuilding the penis, either partially or completely, to ensure the proper functioning of the urethra. A penile reconstruction surgery would fix the shape, size, and appearance issue regarding the penis.

In girls, the treatment is simpler. While the clitoris and vagina are impacted by epispadias, the rest of the female reproductive system is unaffected. When the condition is diagnosed early, the treatment might be as simple as bringing the two halves of the clitoris together and placing the urethral opening in its correct position. Early diagnosis also removes the chances of urinary incontinence later in life. When the diagnosis occurs later, the vagina might need reconstruction surgery. Urinary incontinence too can be surgically corrected.

Life After Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

Most children undergo treatment for epispadias before the age of 5 and don’t face any issues later in life. Persistent penile curvature used to be an issue in older treatments, but now it is fixed during the surgery itself. The only notable issue after the treatment is usually urinary incontinence, that too only in severe cases where the bladder neck was affected. However, it can be fixed with minor surgery. Apart from this, almost all patients go on to live a healthy life without any future complications related to epispadias.

Conclusion Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

Epispadias might be both a mild and a severe condition in children. However, you must know that it is not a burden that your child will have to carry forever. A simple surgery can solve the issue and allow your child to live a normal life forever.

Epispadias Treatment Centre Delhi

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