Medication and Surgery Options for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s disease refers to the disorder, where scar tissues i.e. plaque formed inside the penis of a man i.e. the organ used for sex and urination. The buildup of plaque takes place within the tissues of an elastic and thick membrane referred as tunica albuginea. Bottom or top of one’s penis is the common area associated with the buildup of plaque and it results in bending or curving of the penis and in turn, causes painful erections.

When Treatment Becomes Essential

Curves and bends make sexual intercourse difficult, painful or in some cases impossible. Moreover, Peyronie’s disease starts with swelling or inflammation, which later on, results in hard scars. In this situation, you have to consult with an expert andrologist and reconstructive urologist to get proper treatment based on your present condition.

Treatment Options Available to Cure the Problem

Observation Only Method

Your consulted andrologist and reconstructive urologist will recommend for the observation only method if-
• Penis curvature is not severe
• You have erections with mild or without any pain
• You have proper erectile function


Experts associated with peyronie’s disease treatment – infertility treatment recommend you various oral medications to treat your infertility condition. However, the most common medicine to cure the peyronie’s disease is Pentoxifylline, an oral medicine, which you have to take many months to reduce the formed scar tissues across the penile area. In some cases, doctors may inject the drug directly into the patient’s penis to reduce pain and curvature related to the disease.

Surgery Treatment

Doctors involved in peyronie’s disease treatment – infertility treatment recommend for surgery when your penis deformity reaches to the severe level. However, surgery type depends on individual condition, as the doctor considers the location of the plaque buildup, severity of one’s symptoms and related factors.

Suturing or Plication of Unaffected Penis Side

Surgeons opt for different procedures to plicate or suture the long side of one’s penis i.e. the side, which does not possess scar tissues. In this way, surgery makes the penis straight even though the procedure remains confined to relatively less curvature and leads to penile shortening largely.

Excision/Incision and Grafting Method

With the combination of excision/incision and grafting surgery, andrologist and reconstructive urologist create cuts in the penis’ scar tissue to allow the sheath in stretching out and straightening of your penis. Even your surgeon may remove a few of the scar tissues. Later one, doctors sew a graft i.e. a piece of tissue taken from any other part of your body to cover holes present in tunica albuginea.

Penile Implantation

Third and the last surgical method related to peyronie’s disease treatment – infertility treatment is penile implantation, where doctors insert penile implants surgically to replace spongy and scar tissues filling with blood while your erection. Implants are of semi-rigid i.e. able to bent down and up manually to involve in sexual intercourse. Alternatively, your doctor may inflate the penile implant by using a pump in your scrotum.