Testimonial from Mohammed Bapparu from Nigeria

Mohammed Bapparu
Mohammed Bapparu


I Mohammed Bapparu from Nigeria wish to show my gratitude to Dr. Gautam Banga and his team for a successful surgery on Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty (dorsal only) conducted to me.

I saw experience and concern by Dr Gautam Banga after the investigations he discussed the procedures for the surgery with me.

I really appreciate and promise to refer any one with similar and any related urethra cases and kidney diseases to Dr Gautam Banga.

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Failed Hypospadias Treatment

Failed Hypospadias Treatment is curable,only if all the risks are evaluated and proper study on the history of patient is carried upon.

Here we present few points to make you understand about the failed hypospadias treatment and its cure.

What is failed hypospadias treatment?

Hypospadias is a birth defect in males in which urinary opening is not at the usual location in the head of the penis along with the penile deformity. This condition is treated by surgical intervention.

Hypospadias surgery is technically difficult hence when diagnosed is highly recommended to see a urologist who is specialised in Reconstructive Urology.
If Hypospadias is treated/ operated by a routine urologist then there are chances of failure.
The patients with history of failed hypospadias treatment often require multiple surgeries throughout their life.

What are the reasons for failed hypospadias treatment?


The results of hypospadias surgical correction are satisfactory provided done in children of 12 months- 15 months of age. Chances of failure increase if surgery is done when children reach sexual maturity (following the puberty). This may develop surgery related complications following corrections.

How commonly failed hypospadias treatment occur?

Hypospadias is the second most common birth abnormality in boys, affecting approximately 1 of every 250 new born boys. Currently, more than 90% of the children get successful results after single stage Hypospadias surgery. So the patients who age with the disease and get it operated at later stage, surgery may fail. Also if surgery is done at ideal age which is 12 months -15 months, still procedure may fail, reason being the lack of expertise.

How is failed hypospadias treatment done?

The patients with failed hypospadias repair should not suffer needlessly as the condition is absolutely treatable. You can still have a normal penis. You can pee normally after re do surgery. Re do surgery is done in stages depending on the complexity and severity of the ailment.

What are the complications of failed hypospadias treatment?

Complications from failed hypospadias repair have a significant impact on psychological and physical wellbeing of the patient. Most frequent complications in patient who underwent failed hypospadias repair are:-

-Loss of penile sensation
-Erectile Dysfunction
-Urethral stricture
-Shortening of the penis

What are the pre-operative and post-operative precautions?

Prior to Re-do surgery the Surgeon needs to check for

• Erectile profile of male patient
• Sensation over penis and glans

Post-Surgery the patient is advised to abstain from sexual activities atleast for 3 months.

What is the recovery time after the failed hypospadias treatment?

Recovery time is bit longer in patients following Re-do surgery for failed hypospadias repair with respect to the Hypospadias surgery done initially. The patient after Re-do surgery can start peeing normally after 2-3 weeks. It may take 3 months for the penile skin to be healed fully.

Will I have normal feelings after failed hypospadias surgery?

Yes definitely the patient can have a normal penis provided the surgery is done by a urologist specialized in Reconstructive Urology. You need to follow the instructions given by the surgeon strictly. Do visit for a follow up after the procedure.

How long does the failed Hypospadias surgery take to complete?

Usually it takes 3-4 hours to operate such cases but it differs from case to case depending upon the complexity of the disease. In few cases need multiple stages 6-8 months apart.

What is the Success rate of Re-do surgery?

At our centre for Urethra and Penile surgery the success rate is high as we use latest techniques to operate. We encourage such patients to get themselves reviewed atleast once in a year. Dr.Gautam Banga has successfully operated more than 500 Hypospdias surgery.

What is the Cost involved in this surgery?

We at Centre for Urethra and Penile Surgery do “Re-do surgery” at an affordable cost.

Do the insurance companies cover the procedure?

Coordinate with your insurance company for this.


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