Penile implant before and after

Penile implant before and after by Dr. Gautam Banga

Penile implant before and after Surgery?

penile implant before and after is a major concern for majority of people in country, who still think it a taboo for general masses. There are many men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction but it is not the condition that makes them suffer it is the social embarrassment that is far more painful than the actual condition. It might be anyone, your neighbour, uncle, cousins or a man whom you’ve known for a decade. In fact, every 1 out of 4 men has this condition still, only a few of us are aware of this condition.

Now you must be wondering how people deal with such a difficult condition? Well most of them go for the temporary solution in the form of prescribed pills as they are too ashamed to talk about it. As the pills are not a reliable option, there is still some hope left with the penile implant before and after.

Penile implant before and after

What is a Penile implant before and after?

A penile implant before and after commonly known as the penile prosthesis is the medical device that is surgically placed into the penis to nature-feeling and nature-looking erection. This procedure is specially reserved for the men who failed to gain satisfactory results from other ED treatments. Most of the men who have this surgery are satisfied with the results.

What to expect before the penile implant surgery?

When it comes to a condition like Erectile Dysfunction people are more afraid of the solution than the problem itself. On top of this, the lack of knowledge makes the condition more challenging to treat the condition. Therefore, you should know what to expect when you make your decision to go through the penile implant before and after.
Penile implant before and afterExamination before the process of penile implant

Right before you battle down with your horror of lying down on the operation table, your physician will perform the medical examination and review your current condition and previous history. Once done, the doctor will inform you about the different types of implants such as:

Three-piece penile implant 

A three-piece implant inflatable penile prosthesis is the self-contained, fluid-filled system created with silicon and Bioflex. It is one of the most common types used for the penile implant before and after. The three-piece inflatable implant includes a reservoir that is placed under the abdomen, two cylinders under the penis and a pump placed under the scrotum. Although, it is one of the most extensive types of penile implant before and afters and can mimic the performance of natural erection.

Two-piece implant

Another implant process includes a two-piece implant in which the reservoir is the part of the pump that is placed under the scrotum. Unlike the three-piece implant, this implant involves fewer complications and risks. However, the erection is a bit less firm when compared to the three-piece implant and can take some efforts to work.

Semirigid implant 

The semirigid implant is another type of penile implant before and after that uses semirigid rods that are not inflatable. Once implemented the device stays firm all the time. You can adjust the device against your body to have sex.

The semirigid implement is easier to than three-piece and two-piece implant but the continuous pressure on the penis can be harder to control.

You will have to choose among the above any implant process options, ask about all the pros and cons while consulting with your physician.

How penile implant surgery would be performed?

The surgery is often performed using spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia. Right before the surgery, the area is properly shaved. A catheter is placed to collect the urine and IV is attached to deliver essential glucose, minerals, antibiotics, and other medications.

After giving the anesthesia, the surgeon makes the incision in the lower abandon, right below the base of your penis or just below the head of the penis.

The tissue in the penis, which is normally filled with blood during the erection is stretched and two inflatable cylinders inside of the penis.

If you decided to go with the three-piece implant then, only then saline reservoir, valve, and the pump will be placed inside the penis. But you have decided to go with the two-piece implant then, the pump goes into your scrotum and the reservoir is placed under the abdominal wall.

Once the process is successfully completed then, the surgeon will close the incisions. The surgery can take between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of implant you have selected for you and you can go home the very same day.

Penile implant before and afterWhat to expect after penile implant surgery?

After the surgery for the next 48 hours, you will be required to take full rest keeping all the activities to the minimum. While resting for the next two days, you should spend resting flat on the back, though it is suggested that you can take at least 3 walks for 15 minutes per walk. On the fourth day, you can begin with the light activities to move your body, and start increasing the schedule as you start feeling better day-by-day. You can shortly return to work after consulting with your doctor as it is common for people to return after one week of surgery.

Although there is no diet restriction still it is suggested to take a balanced diet to promote tissue healing. Add green veggies, citrus fruits, and dairy products to heal faster.

The doctor would also give you instructions to inflate and deflate the implant before or after the sex activity. These instructions will help you to stretch the surrounding tissues in the penis. As a patient, you need to understand that the penis implant does not increase the length of the penis. In most cases, the length is shorter than it was before the surgery.

Conclusion on Penile Implant Before and After

There is nothing to be worried about the penile implant before and after and it can be a permanent solution for the Erectile Dysfunction. There are hundreds of men and their partners are quite happy after the penile implant before and after surgery. So, rather than hiding your condition due to shame and embarrassment, visit UPS and talk it about with our specialist.

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