Penile implants in young men

Penile Implants in Young Men DELHI

Erectile dysfunction is rapidly becoming a common phenomenon among men, especially younger men. The new lifestyle of a modern world has brought several risk factors that lead to erectile dysfunction. While most cases of ED are treatable, some require a more drastic solution. Penile implants have often been considered the final, albeit safe, solution to the issue. However, can it be an option for young patients? The answer is yes. Let’s know more about how penile implants in young patients is a drastic development.

Erectile Dysfunction : Penile Implants in Young Men

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) refers to the inability to achieve sufficient erection to perform sexual intercourse. While most men report the failure to get an erection at some point, it is considered ED only when it happens frequently.

Due to physical or mental sexual stimulation, the muscles in the penis relax. This allows blood to flow inside and fill the two chambers within the penis, thereby leading to an erection. When the stimulation ends (usually after ejaculation), the muscles contract and restrict the blood flow, hence ending the erection. When this mechanism fails more often than not, it is diagnosed as erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction in young men has a large number of causes – genetic, psychological, physical and external. Penile Implants in Young men is a solution to it.These include stress, relationship troubles, depression, high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, smoking, sleep disorders and so on.

Occurrence of erectile dysfunction in different age groups

Erectile Dysfunction is usually considered an issue that arises with age. A study in Wisconsin found that half the men in their 50s have some form of ED, while the number rises to 60% for men in their 60s. As such, older men are much more prone to develop ED than younger ones.

However, in the last decade, this assumption has been challenged numerous times. A 2013 study found that men under 40s are becoming more prone to develop some form of erectile dysfunction. In fact, while older men tend to suffer from mild cases of ED, younger men have higher chances of suffering from severe ED. The prevalence of smoking, use of recreational/illicit drugs and a general stressful lifestyle has accelerated the cases of erectile dysfunction among younger men.

Penile Implants in young men

The primary treatment of ED is always medications. Besides, specific exercises and change in lifestyle is also recommended to treat the condition. However, when all efforts fail, penile implants emerge as the only solution.

Penile implants in young men

A penile implant is a method of achieving erections with the help of prosthesis. The most common type of penile implants is inflatable rods which are surgically inserted in the penis. They are attached to a saline-filled pump which is inserted in the scrotum. To achieve an erection, the person has to pump the scrotum, which transfers the saline fluid into the penis. This inflates the rods and simulates a natural erection. After the process, you can similarly deflate the penis.

Despite its complexity, a penile implant is a relatively short surgery. It can take between 20 minutes and an hour. After the surgery, patients are able to resume their normal routine in a matter of days. However, the complete recovery (and the ability to engage in sexual activity) occurs only after 4-6 weeks.

Penile implants are often considered a last resort. It is only opted for when medication and lifestyle changes do not work, no psychological issue is found, and the ED is generally considered irreversible.

Penile implants in young men

Penile implants are usually considered a treatment reserved for older men. For men suffering from ED, medications and lifestyle changes seem to work most of the times. However, sometimes no medication or surgical option seem to work even on a considerably young patient. In such cases, penile implants can be an amazing option.

Technically, penile implants could be used in men as young as 20 years old and as old as 80 years old. But due to lack of precedents and a general unwillingness of the patients, most doctors have hesitated from turning towards penile implants as a viable option for young patients. However, a very significant case study was published this year in Belgium. The case involved a 19-year old male who presented to be suffering from erectile dysfunction. After a year of treatment, during which all psychological reasons were ruled out and no other treatment seemed to work, penile implants was sought as a possible solution. The patient and his family were explained about the process and their consent was taken. After a short surgery, it was observed that the patient was able to have functional erections with the implants inflated to 50% capacity. No side-effects were observed.

From here, we can see that penile implants work as efficiently for young patients as they do for older ones. If anything, they work even better as the rest of the sexual organs are in better shape. The only caveat is that the penile implants have a fixed age, so younger patients might have to eventually get them replaced every 10-15 years. However, apart from this, penile implants remain a great option for treat ED even in young patients.


Not only are penile implants in young men, but they are also equally efficient. This can be a game-changer in treating ED in young men. We might soon reach a world where no man has to keep suffering from erectile dysfunction without a cure.

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