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Phalloplasty India : Information by Surgeon

Life of a male being is also not so easy, as seen in the contemporary world. Men too suffer from many ailments, mainly from problems of sexual nature and these problems are one of the biggest problems ever faced by them.  Phalloplasty India is one such surgical mechanisms, which is a blessing in disguise to all the people facing problems in their sexual and also daily lives.


What is Phalloplasty?

A phalloplasty is a form of plastic surgery used to repair or reconstruct the penis. This reconstruction of penis can be due to inborn sexual orientation or also in cases of accidents or serious ailments like cancer etc. for urinal discharge as well as sexual intercourse, mainly the penetrative sex. The surgery is also ideal for transgenders who willingly want to undergo this gender confirmation surgery. Phalloplasty is also recommended in case of a rare congenital disorder in which a male is born without a penis. This condition of the congenital malfunction is called aphallia. Apart from this, some men desiring a larger phallus also opt for phalloplasty.


How is Phalloplasty India done?

Before getting to know the entire procedure, there are a few terms one must know.

There is a donor area which is generally unobtrusive from where a flap or graft is removed and implanted on the donation site. The flap is a tissue moved from its original site to another site on the body which includes the blood flow taking place inside it while the graft is a tissue without blood flow. The donor site and the donation site might be on the same or different bodies. A surgeon might remove a flap or graft from the donor area during the process.


The donor area being unobtrusive shows no marks or scars after the removal of the tissue.

The doctor uses a double tubular structure for the surgery. In other words, a bigger tube is rolled over a smaller one. Then, the skin grafts or flaps are taken from the forearm or another unobtrusive part of the body. The skin is then implanted on the donation area. The inside tube is used to form the urethra which helps in urination while the outer one forms the neophallus or penile shaft. The procedure generally includes turning a flap into a phallus.

Phalloplasty India

Types of phalloplasty india

There are many donor sites from where the flap can be used, like groin, thighs, forearms, torso, lower abdomen etc. Such number of options result into different types of phalloplasty. The type depends on the choice of donor site as well as the way of cutting the flap. Despite so many ideal donor sites, most of the surgeons prefer the forearm flap. The reason is that the skin there is easy to handle and has a sensitive touch. However, it may leave a permanent scar on the forearm which most of the people undergoing the surgery may not want. The flap taken from the forearm might need a covering as the cut made for the flap is a considerate one in a rectangular shape. The covering is taken from the thigh area hence, leaving another scar on the thigh.


There are cases where different individuals have different priorities. While some might only want a phalloplasty to be able to urinate normally, while others might want to be able to have sexual intercourse with their partner in addition to it. The first case requires a normal phalloplasty surgery which is usually done in two stages. The first stage involves the formation of the shaft and the second stage involves joining neophallus (urethra) for urination. The latter might require more sittings after the individual heals after the first and second stage of phalloplasty. This is known as penile prosthesis or penile implantation is simple terms.


When the flap is cut from the thigh, the scar left is not that apparent. However, in this case, some erotic problems are reported by men. Abdominal phalloplasty leaves a hip to hip scar but is not visible due to clothing. This phalloplasty is not that expensive considering other types of phalloplasty. It is so because it does not require implantation of the urethra for urination. This is a considerable choice for transgenders who can continue urinating while being seated. This phalloplasty does not constitute any complications as the urethra is not implanted. The phallus, however, won’t have any erotic sensation. But, the clitoris buried under it can be stimulated. Also, the phallus which is implanted allows penetration.


Advantages of Phalloplasty India

  • Boosts Self-Confidence- In situations of congenital malfunctioning an individual does not feel confident about himself and hence is not able to present himself well in front of others. Phalloplasty solves this issue. One is also able to be confident in public areas like changing lodges of swimming pools etc. The man also feels good and confident about himself.
  • Bigger is Better- Phalloplasty is not only used for regeneration of phallus but is also ideal for men wanting larger phallus.
  • Better Sexual LifePhalloplasty does not only allow urination in standing posture but also results in proper erection and enables penetration if the right type of phalloplasty is chosen and executed. Hence, leading to better performance and happy sexual life.

Phalloplasty India surgeon

Best Phalloplasty India Surgeon

Phalloplasty involves the surgery of the most sensitive region in the human body. Therefore, it is not affordable to take the risk, especially when it is subject to certain complications that might occur post-surgery. Hence, one must always rely upon the best doctor with considerable experience phalloplasty india.


Dr Gautam Banga is one such doctor. With more than thirteen years of experience, he is one of the best surgeons in India. He has a record of happy patients from around the globe. He is one of the very few doctors who have expertise in External Genitalia Reconstructive Surgery. He has treated patients of diverse age groups ranging from 22 to 77 years of age. This adds to his achievements. Hence, making him trustworthy and one of the best phalloplasty surgeon in India.


Dr Gautam Banga is a dedicated man with a lot of experience. He is capable of providing the best results. Being subject to certain risks, phalloplasty must be executed by a trustworthy individual who is able to put forth best recommendations before as well as after the surgery to minimize the chances of any complication. Dr Gautam Banga truly is one of the best choices when looking for a phalloplasty India.

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