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Dr. Gautam Banga Review on Hypospadias Treatment

My Son’s Journey to Hypospadias Treatment

Review on Hypospadias. Do you know hypospadias is one of the most common birth defects in males? Yes, just like you, I was also not aware of such conditions until my 2 months old son was diagnosed with it. Yes, at first, we didn’t understand the condition as neither I or my family have come across such conditions so, everything was quite scary for us. My wife first found about it when she was changing the diaper of my child and realized that something looked off. When we saw him pee, we saw that urine is coming out of an unusual spot-different than it supposed to. We found that he was urinating from the spot under the head, rather than tips of the penis. We were alarmed and I immediately started to browse the internet for the possible suggestion or solution for this condition while on the other side my wife was consulting with her gynaecologist who was present during childbirth. The situation was like a nightmare to us as we did not know anything about the condition our child was suffering from.

hypospadias review

Our discovery of Urethra and Penile Surgery Clinic. Review on Hypospadias

The gynaecologist my wife consulted with suggested her to take an opinion from the paediatric urologist who can suggest the right diagnosis for the condition of our child. We started our search without knowing what to expect. However, I, fortunately, stumbled upon the profile of Doctor Gautam Banga – one of the most experienced and skilled physicians I have ever come across with. The reviews on his Google page gave us the necessary details we needed to build the trust yet I wanted to ensure that he is the one we want to take our child to. So, we decided to make an appointment to have a face-to-face conversation to understand what is wrong with our son? How it will be treated? Will he be able to lead a healthy life? Hundreds of questions were there but we decided to keep it to ourselves until we meet with him.

The ray of hope we found with Doctor Gautam Banga: Review on Hypospadias

After spending 2 days stressing over the situation of our son, the day was here when we have to pay the visit to the clinic. The journey to the clinic was stressful as we were afraid and hopeless at the same time. However, the first encounter with Mr. Gautam Banga was the right opposite of what we had imagined. Unlike other physicians, he was not in a hurry, instead, he greeted us with the warm gesture which helped to suppress the negative feelings we had earlier. He performed a physical examination of our child to confirm the condition.

The information that scooped away our fear

The fear we had regarding the condition was due to the lack of knowledge and Dr. Banga was not only a great physician but also a great teacher in our eye. He explained that our son was suffering from Hypospadias- one of the most common birth defects in males and occurs in about one in every 250 boys. He also explained that “although it is the common condition people has made it a taboo which led to the lack of education about the subject. That’s the reason many families come to him saying they never heard about such condition.”

He also informed us that the condition of Hypospadias can be cured with a small surgery where he would take a small part of the skin for the repair. As young parents, the last thing we wanted was our baby laying on the surgery table so, we asked if it can be treated without the operation. As an experienced physician, he was well versed with the fear of the surgery and quietly explained that- without the surgery, our child may have urinary and sexual difficulties later in life. He also explained that although just like other surgeries, there are some risks involved, but the benefits of surgery will outweigh them. As the surgery will be performed under the general anaesthesia, our child will be sound asleep when it is done. He also suggested that it’s better to get it done before our son turns one as it will be harder with the growing age.

The toughest decision of our life

After asking for some time to make our final decision we came back home with the heavy hearts. But just because we were worried about the surgery didn’t mean that we want our child to lead a life full of challenges. Also, Dr. Gautam Banga assured that the surgery will be done within one to two hours so, we don’t have to worry about anything. After spending two days- reading every information on Hypospadias available online- we made our decision-we wanted to get over with this nightmare. We made the final consultation with Dr. Gautam Banga and fixed the date for the surgery.

Review on Hypospadias. From surgery to the recovery phase

The awaited day finally came and we were pacing in the waiting hall like crazy and even the word “fear” was not enough to describe our situation at that time. Different scenarios were appearing in our minds, it is the first time in our lives when we found ourselves lost but deep down, we were aware that Dr. Gautam Banga will save our precious baby boy. Finally, our long wait came to an end when we saw Dr. Banga taking long steps to us- he was smiling. He stopped in front of me to break the news that the surgery was successful and they will shift our son to the ICU for 24-hour observation. We met him when he was moved to the normal ward after the day of operation. After spending two days in the hospital, our son was finally discharged. The day when we took our precious baby home was one of the happiest days of our life as we were relieved that now our child can lead a healthy life.

Review on Hypospadias. Even after the surgery, we used to take our child for time to time examination to Dr. Gautam Banga to ensure he is recovering well and we can resume normal activities like bathing and powdering him. Once he gave us the green signal, we continued our lives as we were living before the news of hypospadias arrived.

Review on Hypospadias. Today when I look back to that day, I find that we took the right decision by visiting Dr. Guatam Banga’s clinic to treat the hypospadias of our child. It was a life-changing decision for both our son and for us as young parents. I hope our journey will inspire you to find the right solution for your problem without the fear of embarrassment.

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