Review of Urethroplasty Delhi treatment

My name is Rohan, and I am a 45-year old married man. For two years, I suffered from urethral strictures that made my life difficult – until I met Dr. Gautam Banga for treatment of Urethroplasty Delhi. I would like to share my story with everyone.

Noticing first symptoms of Urethroplasty Delhi

My condition truly began in 2017, though I was not aware of it for a long time. As part of a prostatectomy treatment, a catheter was inserted inside me and left for a few weeks. When the time came to remove it, the nurse removed it in a hurry, thereby causing internal injuries in my urethral passage. At the time, I only felt a strong pain which subsided after a few days. I believed everything was back to normal.

Last year, I noticed for the first time that I was visiting the bathroom multiple times through day and night, even though I didn’t consume as much water. Another thing I realized was that my urine volume was quite low and have been this way for many months. However, considering them benign issues I simply ignored the situation of Urethroplasty Delhi.

But only a month later, things started getting worse. I felt a sharp pain while urinating and my penis too felt swollen. My urine was always of dark colour even though my diet was clean. The urge to urinate kept getting more frequent and the volume kept getting lower. The frequent urge for urination also spoiled my sleep cycle and started affecting my mood during the day. 

Getting diagnosed for the first time of Urethroplasty Delhi

I kept trying to ignore my condition of urethral stricture, even as the symptoms kept getting worse. Ultimately, my wife persuaded me to forget about embarrassment and seek medical help. I booked an appointment with the same doctor who had done my prostatectomy a few years earlier, thinking that he would be able to understand my situation better. After a quick physical exam, he informed me that I could be having urethral strictures. After a urine flow test and an x-ray, it was confirmed that its urethral stricture.

Initially, the doctor assured me that my situation is simple and could be easily solved non-surgically. I was quite relieved. When we further discussed, he informed me that we would be undergoing permanent urinary catheter treatment. At the time, I knew nothing about it and approved for the option. But after doing some research, I came to know that PUCT has serious risks, like bladder infection and UTI. At this point, I decided to look for a better, more trustworthy doctor. 

Consulting with Dr. Gautam Banga

I and my wife resorted to the usual source of information, Google, to look for the best urologists in my city Delhi. Dr. Gautam Banga was one of the first names that popped up. Given his excellent ratings and positive feedback from other patients, I decided to book an appointment with Dr. Gautam Banga.


The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Banga was his patience. He took his time and explained everything to his patients. After knowing my case history, Dr. Banga asked me to get fresh tests done. It was after those tests that I was informed that my past treatment of prostatectomy was the reason behind the scarring of my urethra (something my previous doctor failed to mention). 

Urethroplasty Delhi treatment

Dr. Gautam Banga told me that buccal mucosal urethroplasty would be the best option for me and explained me the procedure of urethroplasty delhi in great detail. Trusting his experience and personality, I gave my approval. Few more tests were conducted to ensure my health, and the surgery was finally carried out. It got over in a few hours, and I was kept under observation for few more hours to see if there were no complications. After that, I was discharged. 

The next two weeks could not be called easy. I felt slight pain whenever I tried to do any manual work. However, Dr. Banga was always available on call whenever I felt any discomfort and cleared my doubts. As time progressed, my condition improved and within a month I had fully recovered from the surgery.

Living after the treatment urethroplasty delhi

It has been 6 months since I underwent urethroplasty procedure. I met Dr. Banga twice after the surgery, where he performed tests to check if the strictures were returning. However, the treatment was completely successful and the urethral strictures were gone.

Today, I feel better than I did in the last two years. The urinary problems that affected me before, like the frequent urge to urinate and pain during urination, are completely gone. For this and much more, I would really like to thank Dr. Gautam Banga. It is a job of doctors to treat patients, but some go a step further and bother to make a personal connection with them. Dr. Banga is definitely one of those few. 

For anyone suffering from a urinary issue, I would 100 percent recommended Dr. Banga, the best urologist I know.